Creating great customer experiences is not easy. Doing it consistently, over and over again, year after year is nearly impossible.

Yet, despite these odds….Google continues to build one great experience after another. Here is how they do it

Google is obsessed about creating great user experiences

User experiences are a lot like first impressions.

You get one chance…

If your innovation team is running out of ideas to execute / implement, one way to boost ideas is to take a look at what your competitors are doing.

In our digital age, market research is simply just a click or an app away.

This does three things.

First, it…

Digital Innovation Lab

Digital transformation is hard. Tried and true approaches never work. On the other hand, a digital innovation lab — if built to decentralize innovation — does work.

Here is how one bank built a digital innovation lab to help it accelerate its transformation journey. And why others are following suit.

Executives are being asked to do the impossible

When I talk to Chief Innovation Officers (CINOs), more than half of them share with me that their innovation labs are simply not as good as they used to be.

This usually has three causes.

1. Having Too Many Offerings

As your lab grows, it is natural for your offerings to grow as well —…

Innovation labs are a great way to jump start your digital transformation journey.

But creating a successful lab is not easy.

For a lab to be successful, it must have a laser focus on — who are its key stakeholders, what unique services the lab will provide (i.e …

Product Definition

The classic definition of a product no longer works.

In the pre-digital days, a product was simply the sum of all its features and functions. As long as an organization was able to deliver it faster than the competition, they won.

Not anymore. In the digital age, a successful product…

Mustafa Kapadia

Mustafa Kapadia is passionate about helping large organizations innovate, create new products, and be agile so that they can win in this digital world.

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